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Nights with AC... Neal Smith Michael Bruce Dennis Dunaway
Gareth Jones  SickThingsUK Lee Davey Calico Cooper
Remmy Antony John  Tim Stradling  Rock of Ages
Bryan Erickson Dennis Horn Bill Crowe Rhino Records 
Jeremy Ashcroft John Lansley Mark Wilde  SickThings 2
David Millar RATW  Homar  Alice on wikipedia 
Mike Drew Palerider.de  Justin Marshall  official merchandise
Dark Katrina Erik Andrew Clark Michele's AC art
Alice Collecting Greg Smith Alice on K Moon Visual Vinyl
Katherine Christine Fabre Live Wire Jack Plitt 
Rohan Cox Jan Wenneberg www.alicecooper.se Tomas Biniek
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If you haven't checked the Brutal Planet Shockmovie
yet at Spitfire, you can play it HERE!